Not Reaching Piękna - Jarosław Mikołajewski

"I love reading Jarosław Mikołajewski's poems, because the poet treats the reader as a partner. Mikołajewski (b. 1960) doesn't try to baffle you with erudite linguistic games and he doesn't engage in lyrical displays. Instead, he allows the reader to participate in experiences, reflections and emotions, and you feel that an authentic voice is behind these literary figures. In this way, Mikołajewski writes a literature of empathetic understanding in which there is no place for inessential trivia." (Jarosław Klejnocki)
  • Jarosław Mikołajewski
    Not Reaching Piękna / Nie dochodząc Pięknej
    Świat Literacki, Izabelin 2001
    © Jarosław Mikołajewski
    230 x 150, 74 pages, paperback
    ISBN 83-88612-02-6
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