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Станислав Лем в своей квартире в Кракове. Фото: Томаш Томашевский / Forum

Stanisław Lem was a bundle of opposites: a technocrat but also a humanist. The oddest part, however, is that Lem held in low esteem the genre he worked in. Why?

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Keanu Reeves in still from A Scanner Darkly by Richard Linklater, 2006, photo: Warner Home Video promotional materials

What could ever link Keanu Reeves, UFOs and Poland? Plenty, some of it obvious, some of it too mysterious to ever be revealed…

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Stanisław Lem, Kraków, 1971, photo: Jakub Grelowski/PAP

One of the most respected thinkers and Science Fiction writers of the past century. Born in Lviv in 1921, died in 2006 in Kraków.

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