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Poland owes some of its most impressive political and civilisational achievements to Freemasonry – from the Four Years' Sejm and the Constitution of the 3rd of May, to the liberum conspiro tradition. Read more »


Arrangement of fall vegetables, photo Grażyna Makara
Many Poles remember empty shelves in grocery stores of the 1980s, gigantic queues lining up for meat, sour Cuban oranges, and unripe bananas. Contradictorily, many Poles also complain that in the... Read more »


On 18th September, 2014, at 20:30 CET, the I, CULTURE Orchestra’s concert at the Edinburgh International Festival will be rebroadcast by BBC 3 Read more »
75 years ago Polish writer and painter Witkacy committed suicide upon hearing the news of the Soviet invasion of Poland. Far from being a tragic exception, he heralds a long series of shattered lives... Read more »
Gosia Walton, Scottie dog, photo: courtesy of the artist
While Scotland is holding its breath and waits in suspense for the results of the independence referendum, Gosia Walton, a Polish artist based in Edinburgh, creates unusual sculptures made of wire,... Read more »


Iceland has long been the uncontested trailblazer of indie music, but Poland is soon to rise as a fair contender for the title. We interviewed a man who has been behind the scenes since the very... Read more »


Rumia railway station, photo courtesy of Sikora Wnętrza /
The railway station in Rumia, until recently one of the most dilapidated and neglected stations in the region, has been reborn as a pioneering hybrid of a railway station and a modern cultural centre. Read more »
Grilled bream with homemade fries and roasted vegetables, photos from press materials of  Concordia Design
The worldwide evolution, or even revolution, of contemporary cooking didn’t spare Polish cuisine. What are the looks, flavours, and surprises of contemporary cooking from Poland? An array of talented... Read more »


You may be surprised by our list, sometimes even shocked, but one thing is for sure – there is definitely a Pole behind each item. So, next time you get up in the morning, put on your bullet proof... Read more »


Eksperymentalne Studio Polskiego Radia, fot. Muzeum Sztuki w Łodzi
The following guide is a very dense yet rough overview of Polish electronic music. It was not written as an article to be read in one sitting, but more as a general time-line of Polish electronic... Read more »
The jury appreciated Philip Boehm, the American playwright and translator, for his translation of Hanna Krall's novel Chasing the King of Hearts. Read more »
Meetings with prominent individuals from the world of literature, debates, exhibitions, film projections, theatre performances, workshops – all of this during the Conrad Festival in Kraków. Read more »


"Radion sam pierze" (Radion Washes By Itself) advertisement, photo: archive materials archiwalne
It's impossible to imagine a world without advertising, even if it may seem that it would be better without it. There are also advertisements that each of us remembers, knows, or even admires. In... Read more »


A rare and telling exhibition at the National Museum in Warsaw retraces the history of one of the most secretive organisation in the world. Read more »
Tomek Sikora, fotografia z cyklu "Cztery pory roku", dzięki uprzejmości Leica Gallery
Four Seasons by Tomek Sikora will open the autumn exhibition season in Warsaw's Leica Gallery. The photographer spoke about the synthesis of painting and photography in an interview with PAP (Polish... Read more »


Alfred Lenica, "Fobia II", 1962, oil on canvas, 146 × 89 cm , photo Piotr Hrehorowicz / National Museum in Wrocław
A new exhibition at the National Museum in Wrocław explores the works of Alfred Lenica, a prominent Polish 20th century painter. The artist created countless watercolours, monotypes, gouaches, and... Read more »

8sep'14 presents premiere studio recordings from the rehearsals of Paula & Karol, Iza Lach, Coldair, and Anthony Chorale. Videos are available on the website of the "Don’t Panic! We’re From... Read more »


Two months before it opens, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews has presented its main exhibition, launched a new crowd-funding platform, redesigned its logo and given itself a new name. Read more »


photo by Jędrzej Sokołowski, courtesy of the author
Snapshots from everyday life, selfies, friends’ portraits, visual puns – these are commonplace among all Instagram amateurs. How about professional photographers? Read more »
Zachęta gallery is holding an exhibition of the work of Zbigniew Warpechowski – a pioneer of performance art in Poland and worldwide. Read more »
Piotr Beczała; photo by Bettina Stöß
The renowned Polish-born lyric tenor has been awarded the prestigious 2014 ECHO Klassik award. Read more »

30aug'14 presents its guide to the musical events which will resonate in concert halls across Poland this autumn. From the baroque through to the classics of 20th century avant-garde, here are the... Read more »


Agnieszka Holland, Andrzej Wajda, Wojciech Pszoniak, Janusz Morgenstern, Krystyna Zachwatowicz after the premiere of Korczak, Cannes Film Festival, 1990
. photo: Jerzy Kośnik / Forum
Of all the areas of Polish culture in which a foreigner requires guidance, cinema first comes to mind. Many are acquainted with its international stars, but few know the background story and the gems... Read more »
The cover of  Uprising. Before The Storm
Marzena Sowa and Krzysztof Gawronkiewicz’s first part of the dilogy about the Warsaw Uprising is soon to be published in Poland, France, Belgium and Switzerland. Read more »
Sutari, photo by Piotr Spigiel
Sounds Like Poland is a series of concerts featuring Polish folk groups and a great opportunity for participating in international debates about world music. The event premiered last year, thanks to... Read more »


Culture vultures can save hundreds of pounds by doing their homework before booking and swapping expensive cities for cheaper ones - including Warsaw, according to the British company Post Office's... Read more »
Soon, the European Solidarity Centre will start welcoming its first guests. At its core it a permanent multimedia exhibition. It carries the story of the Solidarity and other opposition movements... Read more »

22aug'14 presents a guide of a phantom city - a Warsaw that no longer exists. Read more »
Cover of Warszawa - Get Your Head Around the City guidebook, photo: courtesy of the authors
If you are still in shock that Warsaw residents are more satisfied with their city than Parisians, these subjective guides to Warsaw will reveal the reasons why it inspires such love. Read more »


Translations of Wiesław Myśliwski’s Treatise on Shelling Beans and Agnieszka Kuciak’s Distant Lands are contenders for this year’s National Translation Award. The winner will receive a $5,000 cash... Read more »