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Knitting and crocheting - if someone thinks that these actions are out, they couldn't be more wrong. Here's a look at some of the Polish artists who have joined the world's trend and have taken the... Read more »
Scandinavian authors watch out! The Era of Polish writers is nearing. Read more »


"Speculation will remain speculation. One can always imagine all kinds of things, and ponder about 'what would have happened if only…'. If I came across Stawiński's script today, I would make the... Read more »
Kulturmanufaktur in Berlin, photo by
Construction work on Kulturmanufaktur, a new cultural centre in East Berlin’s Lichtenberg district, kicks off in 2015 and is scheduled to be finished by 2016. The project to adapt the function and... Read more »
Peter J. Birch, photo: Ala Protasiewicz
Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary… If you were asked what those countries have in common, you would probably mention their history, their fast-growing economies or their status as... Read more »


Temat Rzeka, photo courtesy of the owners
Hipsters, as well as almost everybody else, change their habits when it is getting hot, and instead of hanging around in the city centre or Praga, they go to the riverside to party in one of many... Read more »


Giewont Studio, wooden bowls, Courtesy of the designer
Today's generation of designers aren't only focused on the future, some of Poland's best and brightest are looking to tradition and the earth's natural resources to put a fresh spin on eco-friendly... Read more »
Women with moustache and guys in dresses, a madman in a wig, and a pioneer-woman of socialism in manly attire. This is no nightmare Catholic conservatism, this are the classics of Polish cinema,... Read more »
DJ working on a remix in a private house, photo: CC
Our remix review is ongoing. If you want to keep up with the newest re-polished pieces of international artists this is where to look for them. Read more »


Tattoo by Junior, courtesy of the juniorink najgorsze studio w mieście
Tattoos have long left the domain of prison walls, tear drops, sailor romances, and the Polish tatoo scene is buzzing with established and upcoming artists who are leaving their mark, permanently!... Read more »


Katarzyna Klimkiewicz and Dominga Sotomayor were awarded as the best international directors of the 11th Femina Women's Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro. Read more »
ART Food workshops in Ćmielów; photo courtesy of IAM
Students from design schools in Poland as well as from abroad are meeting at the 2nd edition of the Art Food workshops which merge cuisine and design. The outcomes of their work will be presented in... Read more »


Untitled (The Thing) by Piotr Uklański; photo courtesy of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
The Line will soon be another destination on London's rich tourist route. Initiated through crowdfunding in less than eight weeks, this sculpture park boasts works by the likes of Damien Hirst, Gary... Read more »
Vlasta Burian as the hairdresser Ferdynand Suplatko (left) and Adolf Dymsza as the antique seller Kamil Klepka reading press in a scene from the film, photo: NAC
Polish literature – it's obviously literature written in Polish: Kochanowski, Mickiewicz, Schulz, Gombrowicz... We know all these names very well from our Polish language classes in school. Yet,... Read more »
New York mural commemorating the Warsaw Uprising, photo courtesy of the Warsaw Uprising Museum /
A two-part mural will cover the walls of the Warsaw Polish National Home in Greenpoint, New York to mark the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. Read more »
 Still from The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, photo: press release
Polygon is a video game website dedicated to games, their creators and their fans. Its editors spent two weeks in Poland interviewing game developers and learning about Polish culture. This is what... Read more »


Maksut fotografuje rozbieranie mięsa, fot.: IAM
Ahead of the Istanbul Design Biennale, three Turkish and three Polish chefs are co-creating a Polish-Turkish cookbook. I joined the Turks on their first visit to Poland, where together we wondered if... Read more »
Barbara Hoff’s Collection SS 1978, photo: Janusz Sobolewski / Forum
The post-war period saw the advent of youth culture, prêt-à-porter and visual media forever changing the way we dress. In the People's Republic of Poland, despite the harsh political and economic... Read more »


Eugeniusz Rudnik revolutionized the idea of music itself with just a pair of scissors and a magnetic tape. 15 Corners of the World is an attempt to hear the vision of his music. Read more »


Detroit, 2013, fot. wolne zasoby
Although separated by thousands of kilometres, both are prime examples of deindustrialization. How do they deal with it? What solutions do artists suggest? Read more »
Under communism, censors had the authority to block films from being screened. They put them on lists of forbidden films and hid the tapes in secure locations. Ever thought that a film into which you... Read more »


Szymon Szurmiej photo by K. Żuczkowski / Przegląd / Forum
Polish-Jewish actor, director and general manager of the Esther Rachela and Ida Kamińska Jewish Theater in Warsaw died today at the age of 91. Read more »
Main Square in Kraków; photo: free source
Ever fancied visiting Poland but you couldn’t decide which city to choose? Classic FM and invite you to try your luck to win a luxury holiday in Kraków and discover the work of exceptional... Read more »


Urszula Dudziak; photo by Krzysztof Opaliński
The competition commemorates the work and character of the Polish jazz violin genius Zbigniew Seifert. Read more »


Wilhelm Sasnal, Untitled, linoleum print, 56 cm x 56 cm, 2010; photo courtesy of the exhibition's organisers
The Jewish Historical Institute’s latest exhibition is a selection of works by contemporary artists who embrace the problem of hate-speech as their main theme and their common enemy. Read more »
Chopin died in 1849 and was buried at the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. His heart, however, was taken out and taken to Warsaw. Was it because he wanted part of him to rest eternally in his lost... Read more »
There is no other place in Poland like the Centre in Motion. This association of choreographers connects a dance studio with an artistic laboratory to create a place where experimentation meets an... Read more »


Opera "The Passenger" by Mieczysław Weinberg photo. Karl Forster / Bregenzer Festspiele
The premiere of Mieczysław Weinberg's opera the Passenger was held on Thursday July 10th at the Lincoln Center in New York. Zofia Posmysz, whose short story inspired Medvedev's libretto, was in... Read more »
Ever since the era of Kapuściński and Krall, reportage has been considered a Polish speciality. Popular within the country, it is also the most eagerly translated genre of contemporary literature... Read more »
Laibach, 1984,  photo: Jane-Stravs / http://www.laibach.or
The Slovenian industrial pioneers, are preparing a new album for the 70th anniversary of Warsaw Uprising. Read more »