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30aug'14 presents its guide to the musical events which will resonate in concert halls across Poland this autumn. From the baroque through to the classics of 20th century avant-garde, here are the... Read more »


Agnieszka Holland, Andrzej Wajda, Wojciech Pszoniak, Janusz Morgenstern, Krystyna Zachwatowicz after the premiere of Korczak, Cannes Film Festival, 1990
. photo: Jerzy Kośnik / Forum
Of all the areas of Polish culture in which a foreigner requires guidance, cinema first comes to mind. Many are acquainted with its international stars, but few know the background story and the gems... Read more »
The cover of  Uprising. Before The Storm
Marzena Sowa and Krzysztof Gawronkiewicz’s first part of the dilogy about the Warsaw Uprising is soon to be published in Poland, France, Belgium and Switzerland. Read more »
Sutari, photo by Piotr Spigiel
Sounds Like Poland is a series of concerts featuring Polish folk groups and a great opportunity for participating in international debates about world music. The event premiered last year, thanks to... Read more »


Culture vultures can save hundreds of pounds by doing their homework before booking and swapping expensive cities for cheaper ones - including Warsaw, according to the British company Post Office's... Read more »
Soon, the European Solidarity Centre will start welcoming its first guests. At its core it a permanent multimedia exhibition. It carries the story of the Solidarity and other opposition movements... Read more »

22aug'14 presents a guide of a phantom city - a Warsaw that no longer exists. Read more »
Cover of Warszawa - Get Your Head Around the City guidebook, photo: courtesy of the authors
If you are still in shock that Warsaw residents are more satisfied with their city than Parisians, these subjective guides to Warsaw will reveal the reasons why it inspires such love. Read more »


Translations of Wiesław Myśliwski’s Treatise on Shelling Beans and Agnieszka Kuciak’s Distant Lands are contenders for this year’s National Translation Award. The winner will receive a $5,000 cash... Read more »
Return to the Voice from Song of the Goat Theatre premiered on August 6 at Scotland’s Fringe. Well known at the festival, the artists received several awards for their Songs of Lear back in 2012. Read more »


I, CULTURE Orchestra in 2014, photo Konrad Ćwik
I, CULTURE Orchestra garnered excellent reviews after a performance at the Edinburgh Festival. The youth orchestra is on its way to Stockholm. Read more »
Zuzanna Solakiewicz’s documentary about Eugeniusz Rudnik and the history of the Polish Radio Experimental Studio won in the Critic’s Week section at the 67th edition of the Swiss film festival. Read more »


Miłosz in English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian,.... In a series of audiobooks released by Poland's Adam Mickiewicz Institute, poems of the Polish Nobel prize winner are read by well known actors:... Read more »


Before the war Polish beaches hosted royal families and emperors. After the war, artists and intellectuals chose the region of Mazury, the land of a thousand lakes, to be in solitude, write, compose... Read more »
Czesław Miłosz, photo AKG Images / East News
Ten years have gone by since the illustrious writer Czesław Miłosz passed away, although his writing still offers admirers all over the world a window into the delightful brilliance of his mind Read more »


Ida by Paweł Pawlikowski
Paweł Pawlikowski’s Ida, one of the most successful Polish films of the last 25 years with over 300 thousand tickets sold so far in the US alone, has been announced as the Polish candidate for an... Read more »


Cydr Ignaców, photo: Cydr Ignaców
With new producers offering complex varieties and consumer interest waxing, Polish cider is having its trend. Could Poland become the new European cider Eldorado? Read more »
United People of The Internet is a website whose content will depend entirely on its users. Submitted photos, links and films will create a universal portrait of the virtual landscape. Read more »


Agnieszka Traczewska placed second in National Geographic’s International Photography Contest for a photo taken at a Hasidic wedding. Read more »
Mironczarnia, Jakub Neske’s choral composition based on Miron Białoszewski’s poem, ranked 3rd in the 1st International Competition of Choral Composition juried by legendary film music composer Ennio... Read more »
LVG B.II, a 1910s German two-seat reconnaissance biplane designed by Luft-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft for the Luftstreitkräfte, photo: Public Domain
Only 70 WWI aircraft have been preserved: each of them is a now priceless rarity. To have an entire collection of them borders on miracle, but the Polish Aviation Museum in Kraków acquired one after... Read more »


On nights this August, traditional Scottish songs performed by Polish artists will resound in the interiors of a 12th century cathedral located in the heart of Edinburgh. The ingenious Return to the... Read more »


Sławomir Idziak; photo by Krzysztof Kuczyk/ Forum
Łódź Film School is the 2nd best film school in the world according to The Hollywood Reporter. Read more »
Museum's gallery space seen from the perspective of Marszałkowska Street; photo courtesy of MSN/TR
“Third time's a charm,” said Warsaw's president, Hanna Gronkiewicz, referring to the project's turbulent history as American architect Thomas Phifer was announced as the designer of two new cultural... Read more »
Nick Cave 20,000 Days on Earth; photo courtesy of festival's organisers
Films screened at Sundance Festival in the recent years will be one of the highlights of Poznań’s Transatlantyk Festival opening next week. Read more »


Knitting and crocheting - if someone thinks that these actions are out, they couldn't be more wrong. Read more »
Scandinavian authors watch out! The Era of Polish crime writers is nearing. Read more »


"Speculation will remain speculation. One can always imagine all kinds of things, and ponder about 'what would have happened if only…'. If I came across Stawiński's script today, I would make the... Read more »
Kulturmanufaktur in Berlin, photo by
Construction work on Kulturmanufaktur, a new cultural centre in East Berlin’s Lichtenberg district, kicks off in 2015 and is scheduled to be finished by 2016. The project to adapt the function and... Read more »
Peter J. Birch, photo: Ala Protasiewicz
Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary… If you were asked what those countries have in common, you would probably mention their history, their fast-growing economies or their status as... Read more »