Teatr Cinema presented their "Hotel Dieu" performance within the academic setting of Teatro Replika in Spain.

"Hotel Dieu" was part of Teatr Cinema's "Szymanowski/Teatr/Wschód/Zachód" / "Szymanowski/Theatre/East/West" project, which also included theatre workshops and a lecture. Zbigniew Szumski, Teatr Cinema's director, ran a workshop in acting and musicologist Maciej Kaziński gave a lecture that introduced Karol Szymanowski to Spanish audiences.

"Hotel Dieu" performance
Concept and direction: Zbigniew Szumski
Music score: Zbigniew Szumski, Maciej Kaziński
Małgorzata Walas-Antoniello
Paweł Adamski
Jan Kochanowski
Tadeusz Rybicki
and: Maria Skiba, Beata Oleszek – vocal performance
Frank Pschichholz, Maciej Kaziński - instruments

Teatro Replika was founded in Madrid by Polish actor and director Jarosław Bielski and it regularly hosts artists from Poland.

Date: 6th of October, 2011

Venue: Teatro Replika, Madrid

Organised by: Teatro Replika, Teatr Cinema Theatre Association

Project cofinanced by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland

Source: Adam Mickiewicz Institute

For more on Szymanowski, see: www.karolszymanowski.pl

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