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In the introduction to "Smugglers", Henryk Grynberg writes that he spent a long time searching for what he found in Kostanski's memoirs: the total identification of a non-Jew, a Polish Christian, with the fate of an exterminated people. Grynberg and Kostanski's narrative reads almost like an official report; full of significant allusions, it is emotionally discreet. Read more about: Smugglers / Szmuglerzy - Henryk Grynberg, Jan Kostański

The book tells the life of Adam Bromberg, a famous publisher and in fact the founder of modern Polish publishing, supported by his own memories as well as those of the people close to him... Read more about: Memorbuch - Henryk Grynberg


Janusz Korczak in Mężenin, after 1935, photo: Hanna Rudniańska/courtesy of Joanna Rudniańska

The Old Doctor was not just the author of books about Matt and Kaytek, a pedagogue, and a precursor of children's rights and their carer. Who was Janusz Korczak, really? A Korczak unknown to many of us… Read more about: 12 Things Worth Knowing About Janusz Korczak

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