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Fugazi Music Club to Be Published in French
Okładka francuskiego wydania
The cover of the French edition

Marcin Podolec's comic book about a legendary Warsaw music club by will be published in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.

French press Gallimard will issue Marcin Podolec’s Fugazi Music Club in four French-speaking countries on 26th March, 2015. Five thousand prints of the album will be published. For the purpose of the foreign edition Podolec created a new cover. The comic book recounts the history of a Warsaw music club, Fugazi, which was open for 11 months in 1992. Numerous Polish and foreign bands performed there. Altogether as many as 300 concerts were organised in Fugazi. The club was shut down because the owners didn’t agree to pay extorted tribute to the local mafia. The comic book is based on the memories of Waldemar Czapski, a co-founder of Fugazi. In Poland the comics was published by Kultura Gniewu press.

Marcin Podolec, Fugazi Music Club, photo: Kultura Gniewu
Marcin Podolec, Fugazi Music Club, photo: Kultura Gniewu

It’s a great book, where in the historical reality, right after the downfall of PRL, music interconnects with the search for freedom. The comics is also very well drawn.
– ensures Nicolas Grivel, an agent representing Kultura Gniewu on the European comics market.

A debut on the French market with Gallimard is a big happening for Marcin Podolec, as it means that not only each of his future, but also each of his past comics can interest foreign publishers. We’ve already been asked about his other works. It’s also probably the third comic so far which was initially published in Poland and raised interest abroad. I don’t want to overstate this fact, but I can see that foreign publishers observe the Polish market and our native comics attentively.
– explained Szymon Holcman from Kultura Gniewu, the Polish publisher of Fugazi Music Club.

Marcin Podolec is a student of the faculty of cinematography at the PWSFTViT film school in Łódź, specializing in animated films and special effects. Five of his albums were published in Poland so far, including the authorial Fugazi Music Club and Wszystko zajęte / Everything taken but also Podgląd / Preview (script by Daniel Chmielewski) and Czasem / Sometimes (script by Grzegorz Janusz). The artist is currently working on Krew wre / Seething Blood comics with a script by Grzegorz Janusz.

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Author: Łukasz Chmielewski, edit.: TS, transl. Agata Dudek

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