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Poets for a New Age - Roman Honet

An anthology of verse by 21 poets who made their debuts in 2000-2009, selected by Roman Honet as those likely to most influence the face of Polish poetry for the near future, perhaps even over the next decades.

When reading Poets for a New Age, readers are urged to keep in mind that the selection is the editor's unabashedly subjective choice. As noted by Aldona Kopkiewicz:

"When reading the selected poems, we get the erroneous impression that a single clear tendency is coalescing in the most recent poetry. There are, of course, exceptions. Authors who had to be included in the anthology due to loud applause from the literary community or readers, e.g. Justyna Bargielska, Jacek Dehnel, Sławomir Elsner, Szczepan Kopyt or Edward Pasewicz". Nonetheless, the editor "enjoys very private works, that look at the world through the most dear and intimate situations - he is especially charmed by returns to a childhood of trauma, which should be leveraged into appropriately shocking fantasies. He also enjoys fairly traditional pieces, characterised by lyrical poeticism and lively imagination, which give the impression of being natural, maybe even a bit naïve. A presumption of authenticity is important to him" ( - No. 37/2010).

Selected "poets for a new age": Justyna Bargielska, Magdalena Bielska, Jacek Dehnel, Sławomir Elsner, Julia Fiedorczuk, Konrad Góra, Łukasz Jarosz, Bartosz Konstrat, Szczepan Kopyt, Joanna Lech, Agnieszka Mirahina, Joanna Mueller, Edward Pasewicz, Anna Podczaszy, Tomasz Pułka, Bianka Rolando, Robert Rybicki, Paweł Sarna, Julia Szychowiak, Joanna Wajs, Przemysław Witkowski.

  • Poeci na nowy wiek
    Roman Honet, ed.
    Wydawnictwo Biuro Literackie, Wrocław 2010
    170 x 225, 418 pp., soft cover
    ISBN: 978-83-62006-73-1

Source:, press release.

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