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Fine Polish Cuisine

Cover of the book, courtesy of Bosz
Cover of the book, courtesy of Bosz

An exclusive publication dedicated to the finest flavours of the Polish dining table has stirred the pot, composed under the direction of Poland's First Lady, Anna Komorowska

Published by the Bosz publishing house in Warsaw in late 2012, the oversized album of gourmet recipes and exalting photographs is more a tribute to the joys of relishing fine food than a handy kitchen companion. Its substantial size and weight, not to mention the pristine white cover, make it more suitable for the coffee table than the kitchen counter. As close as one can get to an English-language encyclopedia of the finer points in Polish cuisine, it reflects back on tradition as it carries this heritage into the present, with new perspectives on taste and presentation.

The book is composed of recipes devised by 13 of the top chefs in Poland, including Wojciech Amaro, Karol Okrasa and Paweł Oszczyk. The publication has been put together under the auspices of Poland's First Lady, Anna Komorowska, who strives to revive Poland's rich culinary history, mindful of royal banquets and exquisite feasts through the centuries, and the new advancements of the age. Dishes featured in the book's First Lady's Menu are of the sort that Komorowska shares with presidential guests and prepares for her family at home - "a blend of tradition, innovation and originality", as she writes in the introduction:

This album is an invitation to explore Poland's national cuisine. And just as the times are changing, so here, traditional dishes are presented in more contemporary forms. Some of our most talented, titled and acclaimed chefs have put together refined menus showcasing flavours from various regions of Poland and making use of local produce typical of each of the four seasons of the year.

Fine Polish Cuisine starts off with an introduction by archaeologist and historian Jan Łoziński, who shares a luminous history of exquisite banquets, illustrated by historic paintings by Bronisław Abramowicz, Frans Geffels, Aleksander Orłowski and Aleksander Gierymski, as well as photographs from the last century. Dishes are divided between the seasons, with spring, summer, fall and winter menus tailored to local produce and conventions.

Jan Łoziński, "Fine Polish cuisine. All the flavours of the year"
Jan Łoziński, "Fine Polish cuisine. All the flavours of the year"

Recipes range between chic appetizers and mains based on fish or meat, complemented by decadent cakes and pastries. The names of the dishes are mouth-watering, such as "lightly smoked saddle of rabbit with morel sauce and caramelised new carrots", and "Zakopane lamb steak in bison grass with pumpkin terrine and stuffed morels". As a courtesy to those who avoid meat dishes, there is a Vegetarian Menu section. Of course, the book would not be complete without a unique pierogi recipes smattered throughout.

Fine Polish Cuisine received third prize in the category of professional publications at the World Cookbook Awards, given by Gourmand International, organiser of Paris Cookbook Fair. Awards were presented at a snazzy gala in February 2013. The World Cookbook Awards were established in 1995 to distinguish "those who cook with words" and to single out the best publications among tens of thousands cookbooks published each year around the world.

Fine Polish Cuisine was published by Bosz Olszanica in late 2012. For more information, see:

Author: Agnieszka Le Nart


Download the pdf version of the book via the attachment below.

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