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Okładka (nid 6518327)

Over 60 years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was established, the world is still grappling with the discourse on human rights in light of conflicts in Syria, China, North Korea or Sierra Leone. The exhibition takes a multi-layered view into the evolving character of human rights, its discourse and its problematics, including the conflict between universalism and cultural relativism.

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Okładka (nid 6501080)

Juliette Delventhal is a chef based in San Francisco, where she lives with her husband, Polish artist Paweł Kruk, and their daughter. In the summer of 2012 they all came to Warsaw as part of the Residency Programme at the Centre for Contemporary Arts at Ujazdowski Castle. Together they have created the "We're Like Gardens" project.

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Joanna Rajkowska, fot. Wojciech Druszcz / REPORTER / East News

A versatile artist who uses various mediums, she take photographs and makes sculptures, drawings, objects, and installations that focus on the interface of art and reality.

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