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 The Solec Kujawski railway station, photo:

An architectural gem, a literary stop, an underground theatre, perhaps an art gallery? presents five of the most successfully modernised railway stations in Poland of the last few years.

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Warsaw Śródmieście station seen from the Palace of Science and Culture, photo: Adrian Grycuk/Wikimedia

The Polish part of the W+B/*-X – Warsaw-Berlin Boxes exhibition opened on a patch of greenery in front of Warsaw's Śródmieście railway station on 13th October 2016.

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Rumia railway station, photo courtesy of Sikora Wnętrza /

A once dilapidated and neglected station in Rumia has been reborn as a pioneering hybrid of railway station and modern cultural centre, going on to win the Single Space Design prize at the 2016 Library Interior Design Awards.

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