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Jan Czochralski in the office at the Warsaw University of Technology, photo taken probably after Poland occupied by the Germans, photo: Forum

In 1916, Polish scientist Jan Czochralski devised something fundamental to today’s electronic devices. Even though this discovery secured him a place among the scientific greats, for decades his name was shrouded in obscurity in his homeland. He was even accused of collaborating with Poland’s wartime enemies, despite working for the resistance.

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It can be a diplomatic disaster not to accept Polish grandmas' advice on treatment. Photo: Value / EastNews

Garlic for the flu, vinegar for bruises, cabbage for ulceration… Poland’s home remedies passed down from generation to generation make up an entire universe of alternative medicine. Because some of these methods may seem odd, let’s discuss them one by one so that you know which suggestions to accept or reject if you happen to feel bad in Poland.

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Professor Grzegorz Pietrzyński, photo courtesy of the scientist

Most people's everyday concerns do not reach out beyond our planet's atmosphere, nor do they have anything to do with notions like the observable universe, space-time or eclipsing binaries.

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