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  Od Dobrobytu do Odbytu, Przez Odbyt, w Niebyt by Karina Marusińska, photo: Maciej Wrzalik

The 21st edition of the Triennale di Milano will feature a design exhibition showcasing two facets of Polish design. What will prevail: beauty or pragmatism?

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Opening of the Polish Culture Festival in Beijing in 2013. Two Dragons fashion show by Polish designer Katarzyna Skórzyńska. Photo: Malina Kosakowska

For people thousands of miles away, Poland can seem a little bit far – if you can’t be there physically, perhaps one of these 8 major festivals abroad will satisfy your hunger for a bite of Poland.

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Project of Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2015 by 2PM studio, photo: press materials,

Franciszek Sterczewski talks with Piotr Musiałowski and Michał Adamczyk, the authors of the Polish Pavilion for EXPO 2015 project.

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