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Agata Zubel, photo: Jakub Pajewski

The Polish singer and composer Agata Zubel will perform at the New Music Festival on 13th July and 15th July 2017, alongside the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra will also perform an orchestral interpretation of Zubel's song In the Shade of an Unshed Tear and the Polish singer will give a solo performance.

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Monika Lenczewska, photo: James Wall

Cinematographer, responsible for camerawork in movies such as Strange Heaven, Difret and LAbyrinth

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Still-frame from "Labirynt", directed by Jan Lenica.

Animated film directed by Jan Lenica (1962). One of the leading examples of reflective philosophy in Polish animation. Jan Lenica’s masterpiece, with its artistically brilliant images that contain a rich layer of meanings, may be read as a totalitarian reality of a city-labyrinth that is in confrontation with an individual who seeks freedom.

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