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Slavs and Tatars, Friendship of Nations: Polish Shi’ite Showbiz, a piece from their exhibition at the 10th Biennale in Sharjah, photo: courtesy of the artists

The mysterious artistic collective Slavs and Tatars present their works from the past ten years at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius. The Mouth to Mouth exhibition will include installations, videos and performances by the group, and will be their first such comprehensive solo exhibition in the Baltic region.

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The Western wall of the mastaba of vizier Merefnebef with false door and sacrificial tables, photo: Jarosław Dąbrowski, courtesy of the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures at the Polish Academy of Sciences

Polish archaeologists are in the world's premiere league! Read about their successes and adventures that span five continents and include racing against tomb raiders, befriending Neolithic humans, and constructing gigantic puzzles out of ancient temples.

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