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Обратная сторона обложки альбома Боба Дилана «Desire» 1976 года с портретом Джозефа Конрада прямо над ухом Боба Дилана, источник: общественное достояние

Why are space ships in the Alien movies named after Conrad’s novels? What’s Joseph Conrad doing on the sleeve of Bob Dylan’s album? And did he inspire one of the greatest comic books in history?

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Chris Niedenthal, Warsaw, December 1981. First day of Martial Law. Kino Moskwa screens Francis Ford Coppola's "Apocalypse Now", photo: press material

During 37 years of the Polish People's Republic, Poland was subjected to the USSR. The socialist food distribution system barely functioned, tanks rolled along the streets. But Poles managed to circumvent rules and restrictions. Chris Niedenthal's camera captured their attempts.

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Joseph Conrad z Anielą Zagórską, tłumaczką prawie wszystkich jego książek; źródło: CBN Polona

The books of Poland's most famous writer have been adapted into some famous films... but also some stinkers. What is it about Joseph Conrad's works that makes their celluloid interpretation such a tricky gamble?

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