The PUBLIC (RE)COLLECTIONS exhibition presents works from the collection of the Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesnej "Laznia" ("Bathhouse" Center for Contemporary Art) in Gdansk. The collection has been in the making since the institution opened in 1998. The exhibit aims to show the role that collections play in building the identity and image of institutions and to highlight the processes by which artistic traditions are shaped and then interpreted in collections.

The collection of the Bathhouse CCA consists of a modest number of works most often obtained through negotiations with artists. Invited to participate in exhibitions at the center, artists often created works that were financed or co-financed by the institution. For this reason, to a great extent the collection is an expression of the artistic attitudes propagated by the institution rather than an assembly of works gathered together according to a pre-specified, substantive plan.

Alongside works owned by the "Bathhouse", the display will include pieces by artists from the Tri-City area that are part of the collections of the National Museum in Gdansk, the State Gallery of Art in Sopot and the Center for Polish Sculpture in Oronsko. Among other items, the exhibition will present works by some of the best-known representatives of the many artistic communities that exist in Gdansk and the surrounding area.

Exhibition opening: May 23, 2003, 6pm.

"Laznia" Centre for Contemporary Art
(Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesnej "Laznia")
ul. Jaskolcza 1, Gdansk
tel. (+48 58) 320 29 76, 305 40 50

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