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  • Zgodnie z ustawą z dnia 29 sierpnia 1997r. o ochronie danych osobowych (tekst jedn. Dz. U. z 2002r. nr 101, poz.926)wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych przez Instytut Adama Mickiewicza (IAM) z siedzibą w Warszawie (00-560), przy ul. Mokotowskiej 25. Podanie danych jest dobrowolne. Użytkownikom przysługuje prawo dostępu do swoich danych i ich poprawiania.
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Source: Filmoteka Narodowa,
An actor who's most important role of his career was a young home army resistance soldier in "Popiół i diament" / "Ashes and diamonds." He was involved in BIM-BOM student theatre.
Włodzimierz Staniewski photographed by Grzegorz Podbiegłowski / Gardzienice
Founder of the Gardzienice Theatre Association - Centre for Theatre Practices (OTK) in 1977, creating an experimental style of anthropological theatre which has earned international recognition and acclaim for their power to bring the traditions of ancient theatre to life in the present.



Szymon Szurmiej photo by K. Żuczkowski / Przegląd / Forum
Polish-Jewish actor, director and general manager of the Esther Rachela and Ida Kamińska Jewish Theater in Warsaw died today at the age of 91. Read more »


Music and theatre from Poland are presented at Edinburgh's two major record-beating festivals. Scotland hosts showings of Song of the Goat Theatre's Return to the voice project, as well as the I,... Read more »


W brings you a selection of what we believe were the loudest scandals and tensions on the frontiers of theatre and politics, as well as religion. How has provocation evolved from the times... Read more »


From the Baltic Sea to the Sudetes, from klezmer to Gothic. Summer music festival guide by Read more »


A heretic and a great reformer of theatre, a communist and a romantic, a demanding director and a ingenious theoretician of 20th century theatre. Here is an A-Z list of facts and details from the... Read more »


Internet users, artists and activists are standing behind Rodrigo Garcia's play Golgota Picnic, which was stopped from being shown at the Theatre Festival Malta in Poznań. Alternative readings and... Read more »


120 young representatives of various cultures and nationalities from 18 different countries visit Poland as part of the Brave Kids project. Throughout June, they present their skills at numerous... Read more »


After Edinburgh and Avignon comes Sibiu International Theatre Festival. The Romanian theatre festival is attended by 60 thousand people every day. Its 21st edition features an illustrious Polish... Read more »


Exotic African rhythms, Israeli dance, martial arts from Sumatra and loud shows from Latin America - these are some of the items on the list of performances that will take place on both open air and... Read more »


With its complex history and fascinating present, Poland has proven a fruitful ground for theatre makers. In fact, some of the world’s most influential and revolutionary artists of the Occidental... Read more »


History has always provided numerous challenges in the two nations’ relations, but the cultural heritage and kinship never failed to result in many fruitful artistic exchanges between Russians and... Read more »


Grzegorz Jarzyna laureatem Honorowej Nagrody 19. Istanbul Theatre Festival. Reżysera i dyrektora TR Warszawa doceniono za całokształt osiągnięć artystycznych. Read more »


Warsztaty Partnerstwa Wschodniego, Fot. Galina Gawrilowicz
The first part of workshops organized by will start in the first half of May. This year's edition of the event will be hosted by Grodno (Belarus), Kishinev (Moldova) and Krakow (Poland),... Read more »


Tadeusz Różewicz (masked) and Stasys Eidrigevicius in the painter's workshop on Lubelska Street, Warsaw, 2006., photo: Janusz Drzewucki
Paying tribute to a man who "saw the forgetting of history as a disaster," the world press is characterising, comparing and placing Różewicz in the history books. Read more »


Tadeusz Różewicz, photo Elżbieta Lempp
Tadeusz Różewicz, one of the most acclaimed Polish contemporary poets, novelist, playwright and essayist, died on April 24 in Wrocław. Read more »


Experimental Polish artists once again set off to the rural corners of Poland to turn the world of the village-dwellers upside down! Rubin, Janiczak, Borczuch and Ziemilski - these are the names of... Read more »


source: Copernicus Science Centre
The unusual cast of this Copernicus Science Centre production are technologically advanced humanoid robots whose movements are powered by compressed air. The mechanical figures gather a wide audience... Read more »


“Polish theatre has made a significant change. This is brave, daring, risky” – said Jose Antunano and Michael Handelzalts, press commentators at this year's edition of the Warsaw Theatre Meetings. To... Read more »


Organized by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, the Poland. Come and Complain campaign is among the nominees for the title of Social Campaign of the Year 2013. Read more »


"The Merchant of Venice" by Andrzej Czajkowski is the year’s best premiere in the opera world, according to the International Opera Awards. The jury of the prestigious competition awarded the prize... Read more »