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  • Agata Auguścik, photo by Magda Marczewska / press release

    Jazz vocalist and composer. Since 1994 she has lived in Chicago where she has worked with many excellent musicians. Read more about: Grażyna Auguścik

  • Marek Bałata (Bah-wah-tah) is probably the premier male vocalist in all of Eastern Europe in the realm of improvised music. His wide ranging creativity has also engaged him deeply in visual arts (graphic design) and theatre. Read more about: Marek Bałata

  • Monika Borzym, photo: Zosia Zija i Jacek Pióro

    Monika Borzym could be a representative of the youngest generation of Polish jazz vocalists. A list of her collaborations is impressive, considering the fact Borzym is only 24 at the moment: John Scofield, Steve Cardenas, Larry Campbell, Tony Scherr, Kenny Wollesen, Seamus Blake... And this is just the top part of this list. Read more about: Monika Borzym

  • A vocalist and author of lyrics. She made her debut in 1969 in the youth blues band Stodoła. Read more about: Ewa Bem

  • ELMA, photo: Adrianna Kalisz

    ELMA comes from a family of medical doctors and scientists. She started her classical music education in primary school, finally changing the direction to jazz, and graduating from the Krakow School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in the vocal class under Marek Bałata. Read more about: Elma

  • Mieczysław Fogg, photo by Lucjan Fogiel / Forum

    Polish singer with a lyric baritone voice. A legendary artist of pre-war Warsaw cabarets and revue theatres who continued his career after the war, Fogg excelled at the sentimental song genre. Read more about: Mieczysław Fogg

  • “Karo Glazer is one of the most talented young vocal jazz artists I’ve heard for years now.” – that is how Lars Danielsson evaluates her work. Read more about: Karo Glazer

  • Anna Gadt, photo: Gosia Frączek

    In her music, Slavic origins interlace with European inspirations. Improvised music is what fascitates her most. She seeks forms of expression through the word, the sound and most of all, through the silence. Read more about: Anna Gadt

  • Vocalist, bassist, lyricist and composer; he places himself out of the circle of current trends and has effectively kept himself out of the spotlight for much of his musical career. Read more about: Lech Janerka

  • Anna Maria Jopek, photo: Marcin Kydryński

    A vocalist, pianist, keyboards player, composer, author of song lyrics and producer. In 2002 she recorded CD Upojenie with the world famous American guitarist Pat Metheny. Read more about: Anna Maria Jopek

  • Grzegorz Karnas, photo: Bogdan Krężel

    A singer born in 1972 in Upper Silesia, Poland, to a family devoid of musical traditions. Karnas has worked with top-line artists of Poland's jazz scene including its legends. Read more about: Grzegorz Karnas

  • Jerzy Mazzoll, photo: Bartosz Hołoszkiewicz

    Clarinettist, bass clarinettist and vocalist. He began adding elements of off-jazz to his music and became part of the "yass" scene. Read more about: Jerzy Mazzoll

  • An exceptionally talented singer, violinist, composer and songwriter. Read more about: Dorota Miśkiewicz

  • Wojciech Myrczek – one of the most promising Polish jazz vocalists. His musical career started from learning the piano and cello. Later on he became fascinated with jazz and vocal music, which made him take up the studies at the Jazz Institute of the Academy of Music in Katowice, where he now works as a lecturer. Read more about: Wojciech Myrczek

  • Misia FF, photo: Jakub Walasek / Reporter

    For a few years she honed her skills and gained popularity with the international trio Très.b. When the band suspended its activity, most probably permanently, she simply threw herself into work. She collaborates with different artists and draws energy from live performances. Read more about: Misia Ff

  • Tadeusz Nalepa, photo: Jacek Domiński/Reporter

    Guitarist, vocalist, composer and lyricist; one of the most influential artists of Polish popular music, fusing traditional blues influences with current trends in rock music. Read more about: Tadeusz Nalepa

  • Vocalist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and lyricist. He was one of the most popular and most original influential artists in Polish pop music of the 20th century Read more about: Czesław Niemen

  • Katarzyna Nosowska, photo by Michal Wargin/ East News

    A song writer, vocalist and lead singer of the band Hey, one of the most distinct and popular personalities of the Polish rock scene. Read more about: Katarzyna Nosowska

  • Olga Pasiecznik, photo: courtesy of the artist

    A soprano, she gives special attention to Baroque and Classical opera and oratorio music. She also sings French Impressionist music, Russian and Ukrainian songs and modern compositions. Read more about: Olga Pasiecznik

  • Jadwiga Rappé. Photo: Andrzej Świetlik

    An alto specializing in oratorio music; her repertoire comprises oratorio parts ranging from the Baroque to modern, song cycles and operatic arias. Read more about: Jadwiga Rappé

  • Ania Rusowicz, photo: Michał Wargin / East News

    This vocalists style of singing, as well as her bands melodies relate to the 60s. From the beginning, she was particularly fond of beat music and with time, she started writing more ‘international’ songs, that reached all the way to psychedelic blues-rock aesthetics. Read more about: Ania Rusowicz

  • Jorgos Skolias, photo: Bogdan Krężel

    Without doubt, one of the most extraordinary vocalists and composers of the Polish music scene. He was born in 1950 in Zgorzelec. Read more about: Jorgos Skolias

  • Anna Serafińska, photo: Adam Krauze

    Anna Serafińska comfortably deals with the whole spectrum of jazz singing – from classic sounding standards through modern sounds to funky and soul music. She has appeared as a guest musician on various musical projects, hit the clubs and festival stages in Poland and beyond. Read more about: Anna Serafińska

  • Krystyna Stańko, photo: Paweł Wyszomirski

    A vocalist, composer, lyrics writer, guitarist and teacher. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Jazz and Light Music at the Academy of Music in Katowice. Read more about: Krystyna Stańko

  • Aga Zaryan with a Platinum Record for her album Looking Walking Being, photo: Marek Dusza

    Singer, songwriter and producer. She was born Agnieszka Skrzypek and is one of the most internationally recognised jazz vocalists of her generation in Poland. Read more about: Aga Zaryan