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Tags: product design
  • Agata Zambrzycka i Piotr Górski, fot. dzięki uprzejmości projektantów

    A design company founded in 2009, a shared project of Agata Zambrzycka and Piotr Górski. They design creative urban spaces, alternative vehicles that make traveling through the streets easier and notebooks in which you can quickly write down your thoughts while riding on a bus or tram. Read more about: AP Dizajn

  • Marcin Ebert, photo courtesy of the designer

    From a lamp, through a wooden piggy bank, to visualizations for music, Ebert creates designs that seem to have originated in an inventors laboratory. Read more about: Marcin Ebert

  •  Piotr Stolarski and Maria Makowska - Gogo studio, Log Radio / Radio Kłoda, photo: press materials

    Since its founding in 2005, Gogo studio, run by Marysia Makowska and Piotr Stolarski, has pushed the idea of user participation in design to its limits. Their projects only gain their final shape once the user intervenes. They invite one to make a very personal statement and they do so with courage, style... and a handsaw. Read more about: Gogo

  • Katarzyna Herman-Janiec/Protein Design, photo: press materials

    Katarzyna Herman-Janiec from Protein Design likes to weave: she interweaves folk inspirations drawn from gowns, cakes and ethno patterns with the priority of functionality and balanced designing. Read more about: Katarzyna Herman-Janiec/Protein Design

  • Katarzyna Borkowska i Tomasz Pydo, fot. KABO&PYDO design studio

    A lamp cable that’s too short or too long, not enough room for a table or shelf, a hand that’s gone numb from holding a glass and a plate at a cocktail party? The duo Kabo&Pydo tracks such irritating everyday situations and tries to create products that meet the exact needs of users. Read more about: Kabo&Pydo

  • Piotr Kuchciński, photo courtesy of the designer

    Piotr Kuchciński creates chameleon – like objects that have highly adaptive potential and lend themselves to be placed in any setting. Read more about: Piotr Kuchciński

  • Mopsdesign is a collaborative effort by Joanna Chomka-Jaworska and Arkadiusz Jaworski, specializing in porcelain dishes - their creations are nevertheless a marked departure from the world of your grandmother’s tea sets. Read more about: Mopsdesign

  • Bartek Mejor, photo: Ela Lempp

    He draws inspiration from traditional handicraft, modern technologies and nature. Combining all these influences he creates modern solids which are exceptionally tactile. His cut, wavy and irregular vessels constitute a new young voice in Polish ceramic design. Read more about: Bartek Mejor

  • OdRzeczy design group , Bąble (Bubbles) kitchen accessories, photo courtesy OdRzeczy design group

    The OdRzeczy collective is mostly associated with furniture sets and accessories for children and youth. Its members are Wojciech Drab, Magdalena Guzik-Drab, and Jakub Zychowicz. Read more about: OdRzeczy

  • Jakub Sobiepanek, Michał Włoch and Krystyna Łuczak-Surówka, photo courtesy of the firm Vzór

    Vzór is a trio consisting of a young designer, a businessman and a design historian. Their goal is to create a collection of the icons of Central and Eastern European industrial design. Vzór plays three-part pieces, but their final sound is actually determined by the choice of the partner whose project they decide to resurrect. Read more about: Vzór

  • Michał Wierszyłłowski and designers, photo: courtesy of the artist

    While limits and barriers are what Wierszyłłowski sees as the main source of inspiration for a designer, his own portfolio seems to be limitless in its diversity Read more about: Mikołaj Wierszyłłowski