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Tags: polish photography
  • Adam Bujak, photo: Kacper Pempel / East News

    Photographer. Born on 12th May, 1942, in Kraków, where he still lives and works. Read more about: Adam Bujak

  • Andrzej Dragan, autoportret, fot. dzięki uprzejmości artysty

    Gifted physicist, forgotten composer, acclaimed photographer, beginner filmmaker – Andrzej Dragan’s talents could easily be shared between several individuals. Read more about: Andrzej Dragan

  • Zuza Krajewska, photo courtesy the photographer

    Zuza Krajewska is not easily pigeonholed – even though she is mainly known from her work for colour, exclusive fashion magazines, she does not limit herself to their polished and retouched reality. She continues to search for new challenges and themes, constantly changes her style, and engages with new problems. Read more about: Zuza Krajewska

  • Fortunata Obrąpalska, photo: courtesy of the Museum of History of Photography

    Prominent photographer, born in 1909 in Włodzimierz Wołyński, died in 2004 in Poznań. Read more about: Fortunata Obrąpalska

  • Anna Orłowska, photo: Magdalena Kmiecik

    Photographer and multimedia artist. Participant of reGeneration2: Tomorrow’s Photographers Today exhibitions, holder of a scholarship granted by the School of Visual Arts in New York. In her early works she explored the verge between staging and document, currently her works question the faith in images. Read more about: Anna Orłowska

  • Bart Pogoda, photo: courtesy of the artist

    Bart Pogoda is a Warsaw based photographer and filmmaker, born 1976 in Poland. He is a graduate of the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava and author of the first photoblog in Poland (special award at Blog of The Year 2009 in Poland). Read more about: Bart Pogoda

  • Jacek Poremba at the opening of his exhibition in Gallery 65 in Warsaw, 2006, photo: Mieczysław Włodarski / Reporter / East News)

    ‘I am an automated equipment technician’ – says Jacek Poremba (b. 1966) and explains that at the time when he thought about art education, ‘there were not as many schools of photography as there are now’. Read more about: Jacek Poremba

  • Marek Piasecki, photo: Joanna Piasecka

    An artist of many talents. In his works, Marek Piasecki used photography, sculpture, installations, assemblage and painting. Born 23 February 1935 in Warsaw, died 30 September 2011 in Lund, Sweden. Read more about: Marek Piasecki

  • Tadeusz Sumiński, photo: Ewa Wojtasik / Forum

    Famous thanks to his landscape photographs, Tadeusz Sumiński was more interested in what was above the horizon than below it. Jerzy Lewczyński called him ‘an explorer of the drawings of the clouds and the geometry of the sky’. Sumiński’s artistic output is, nevertheless, more diverse, as it also includes photojournalism, portraits, or even fashion photography. Read more about: Tadeusz Sumiński

  • David Seymour as a soldier during World War II, 1942–1944, photo: © Chim Archive

    David Seymour was a photojournalist and co-founder of the Magnum Photos cooperative. He was known for his documentation of the Spanish Civil War and cooperation with UNICEF. Seymour died tragically in Suez in 1956. Read more about: David Seymour (Chim)

  • Wojciech Wilczyk, photo by Adam Mazur

    Photographer, poet, author of essays and art critical texts, curator of exhibitions. Wilczyk was born on 4th January 1961 in Kraków, where he also lives and works. Read more about: Wojciech Wilczyk