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Tags: polish design
  • Anna Łoskiewicz and Zofia Strumiłło-Sukiennik, photo: Beza Projekt

    Beza Projekt is a Warsaw-based studio founded by designers Anna Łoskiewicz-Zakrzewska and Zofia Strumiłło-Sukiennik. Read more about: Beza Projekt

  • Adam Kozik, dollhouse Boomini, photo: Michal Korta

    Boomini is a company specializing in dollhouses designed by professional architects and provided with pieces of furniture that even the most fastidious connoisseur of design would find desirable. Read more about: Boomini

  • Tomasz Bersz, photo: Michał Korta/"Miliard rzeczy dookoła"

    Tomasz Bersz, born in 1979 in Warsaw, is a graphic designer. He’s taken on many projects, including websites, visual identity, as well as books. Read more about: Tomasz Bersz

  • Magdalena Burdzyńska, photo: Wojtek Szarski

    Painter, graphic designer, illustrator. Burdzyńska is not afraid of bright colours and contrast, and conjoins various means of visual expression with plain geometrical forms. Read more about: Magdalena Burdzyńska

  • Marek Cecuła, photo: © Bartek Bobkowski for TL magazine / Courtesy of Pro Materia, July 2014

    His bridging of the gap between design, craft and sculpture has been the defining characteristic of Cecuła’s work. Read more about: Marek Cecuła

  • Helena Czernek, photo: Aleksander Prugar

    Helena Czernek is an artist working in graphic and product design, photography, and sketches. She was born in Warsaw in 1985. Read more about: Helena Czernek

  • Wandering Roof, design: Centrala, summer 2010, photo: Simone De Iacobis

    A designers’ task force, is concerned chiefly with broadening the scope of debates about architecture, inspiring interdisciplinary undertakings connected with architecture and design, and creating artistic projects serving as critical assertions about Polish public space. Read more about: Centrala

  • Full Metal Jacket, Mamsam cups, photo: courtesy of the designers

    The Warsaw-based graphic studio was founded in 2002. Full Metal Jacket create animations, posters, album covers and graphic designs for books. The designers from FMJ are fluent in various graphic languages: from unshowy statements in black and white to nearly Rococo squiggles. Read more about: Full Metal Jacket

  • Jarosław Hulbój, wood sink, photo: Jarosław Hulbój Design

    Born in Żywiec in 1969, Jarosław Hulbój is an artist, sculptor, curator and designer. Read more about: Jarosław Hulbój

  • Malwina Konopacka, photo: courtesy of the artist

    Designer and illustrator from Warsaw, Malwina Konopacka worked for several important newspapers. Her vase designs, with colourful eyes, frivolous plants and, among them, stalking animals. Read more about: Malwina Konopacka

  • Renata Kalarus, photo: courtesy of the designer

    Renata Kalarus, born in 1971, is one of the most recognisable contemporary Polish designers. She specialises in upholstered furniture, and her projects received several of the most important design awards in the world. She says about herself: stubborn and hot-headed. Read more about: Renata Kalarus

  • Jan Lutyk, self-portrait, photo: courtesy of the designer

    Jan Lutyk is a designer who always hits the mark by creating highly functional and aesthetically engaging objects. He bends a stool like a ribbon, he stuffs the frame of a sofa with balloons, or challenges gravity by setting his balloon-suit on fire. His designs are cunning, functional and slightly surreal Read more about: Jan Lutyk

  • Karina Marusińska, photo courtesy of the artist

    Karina Marusińska, born in 1983 in Piotrków Trybunalski, artist and designer, ceramics designer, organizer of cultural event and initiator of social acitvities. Read more about: Karina Marusińska

  • Bartosz Mucha, photo: private collection

    Graphic and designer, founder of the Poor Design brand. Born in 1978 in Kraków. Read more about: Bartosz Mucha

  • Roman Modzelewski sitting on his chair model RM58, photo: National Museum in Warsaw

    Roman Modzelewski, designer and pedagogue. He was born in 1912 and died in 1997. Together with Władysław Strzemiński, Leon Ormezowski and Stefan Wagner he co-founded Łódź Academy of Fine Arts. His projects were highly regarded by Le Corbusier himself. Lover of music and dance – he taught his students to dance twist. Read more about: Roman Modzelewski

  • Olka Osadzińska, photo: Michał Radwański

    Olka Osadzińska is an artist with a passion. This is reflected in her work, in her spontaneous illustrations, which combine bold lines and rich colour, and which have achieved recognition all over the world. Read more about: Olka Osadzińska

  • Hanna i Gabriel Rechowiczowie, beginning of the 1960s, photo: courtesy of Galeria Kolonie, Warsaw

    Hanna Rechowicz (born 31st January 1926 in Warsaw) and Gabriel Rechowicz (born 17th March 1920 in Warsaw, died 7th December 2010 in Warsaw) was a couple of artist, frequently working together. Read more about: Hanna & Gabriel Rechowicz

  • Urszula Janowska and Filip Tofil, founders of the Syfon Studio, photo: courtesy of the artists

    Interdisciplinary design studio founded by Urszula Janowska and Filip Tofil. Read more about: Syfon Studio

  • Studio Robot, photo: courtesy of the artists

    Studio Robot is the result of the work of three designers: Karolina Chyziak, Łukasz Wysoczyński and Krzysztof Czajka. They deal with commercial design, development of exhibition spaces and websites. Simple, successful solutions are the trade-mark of their projects. Read more about: Studio Robot

  • Zupagrafika, Martyna Sobecka and David Navarro, photo: courtesy of the artists

    Zupagrafika is a Spanish-Polish graphic studio based in Poznań. Their portfolio encompasses visual identities, exhibition space designs, as well as urban installations. However, their most famous work has to be a series of paper cut-outs based on modernist architecture and iconic works of Polish design. Read more about: Zupagrafika