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Tags: furniture
  • Joanna Bylicka, photo: Piotr Zakrzewski

    Bylicka boldly combines ceramics with furniture and strong colours with minimalist shapes, in her Warsaw-based practise. Read more about: Joanna Bylicka

  • Grzegorz Cholewiak, photo:  courtesy of the designer

    Grzegorz Cholewiak, born 1978 in Tarnów (a city in southeastern Poland), graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Design at Krakow's Academy of Fine Arts. He also received scholarships to study at the University of Technology in Lahti (Finland) and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana (Slovenia). He lives and works in Berlin, where he leads Drache & Bär Studio. Read more about: Grzegorz Cholewiak

  • Maciek Gąsienica Giewont, photo: courtesy of the Giewont Studio

    Giewont Studio is a one-man initiative founded by Maciej Gąsienica-Giewont and if wood could talk — and Gąsienica-Giewont claims it can — then he would be its most adept listener. Read more about: Giewont Studio

  • Pawel Grobelny, photo: Cezary Hładki

    No matter where he directs his creative energies he seems to always come up with design solutions that bring him awards and international recognition. Read more about: Paweł Grobelny

  • Szymon Hanczar, photo by Roland Okon

    Szymon Hanczar (b. 1978) has won scholarships from the mayor of Wrocław and the mayor of his hometown, Częstochowa. His projects for the Hanczar Design Studio include 3D design and interior design. Read more about: Szymon Hanczar

  • Paweł Jasiewicz, photo: courtesy of the artist

    Paweł Jasiewicz, born in 1977 in Świdwiń, north-western Poland, is a designer specializing in woodworking. Read more about: Paweł Jasiewicz

  • "Cloud", projects: Jan Kochański, photo: courtesy of the designer

    The routine activities of his everyday life such as eating, sitting, or sweeping inspire his creations of objects that change triviality into an aesthetically and functionally pleasing experience. Read more about: Jan Kochański

  • Marzena Krupa, photo courtesy of the designer

    Marzena Krupa (b. 1986) studied Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Her designs to date include experimental outdoor furniture for urban settings (such as her “Pic-Nic” table and “Medium” seat), jewellery inspired by traditional wickerwork, and designs for retail and exhibition spaces. Read more about: Marzena Krupa

  • Agata Kulik-Pomorska & Paweł Pomorski, photo: Malafor

    The designer duo from Gdańsk, Agata Kulik-Pomorska (born 1976) and Paweł Pomorski (born 1974), creates furniture and other objects of daily use in reference to recycling and ecology, giving a new meaning to commonly known materials and objects. Read more about: Malafor

  • Marta Niemywska, photo: courtesy of the artist

    Niemywska graduated from the Faculty of Design at Warsaw’s Academy of Fine Arts. She has won a number of awards and distinctions, as well as a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Her work to date includes product design, interior design and exhibition design. Read more about: Marta Niemywska

  • Asia Piaścik is a designer and graduate of the Faculty of Industrial Design of Berlin's Universität der Künste. Read more about: Asia Piaścik

  • Nikodem Szpunar, photo:

    Their portfolio includes both functional product designs and more conceptual projects in which they reuse materials in unexpected ways. The courage to experiment lies at the core of their practice. Read more about: Szpunar Studio

  • Michał Wierszyłłowski and designers, photo: courtesy of the artist

    While limits and barriers are what Wierszyłłowski sees as the main source of inspiration for a designer, his own portfolio seems to be limitless in its diversity Read more about: Mikołaj Wierszyłłowski

  • Arek Wolski and his work with the God of Honour Fatherland, mirror, 2011, photo: courtesy of designer

    Warsaw-based designer and jeweller. He creates items of jewellery from gold, silver and brass; he also uses volcanic lava, sea glass and recycled materials. Read more about: Arek Wolski

  • Łukasz Wysoczyński, photo: Ernest Winczyk

    Łukasz Wysoczyński (b.1983) is a designer based in Warsaw. In 2008, he won the special prize at the Make Me! competition organized as part of Łódź Design Festival. Along with Karolina Chyziak and Krzysztof Czajka, he is part of the Studio Robot design studio. Read more about: Łukasz Wysoczyński

  • Jorge Zalszupin, photo: courtesy of the designer

    Jorge Zalszupin’s furniture is a mixture of the highest quality materials and simplicity of form. Marble blocks co-exist with first-class wood in his pieces. With aesthetic minimalism, the designer incorporates an element of sensuality, seducing users with the soft, bold lines of his seats and tables. Read more about: Jorge Zalszupin