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Tags: electronic music
  • Baasch, photo: Liubov Gorobiuk/the artist's promotional materials

    Baasch composes electronic music, but creates chiefly songs. He is self-sufficient, because he also produces and sings his music. Read more about: Baasch

  • catzndogz

    The heart of Catz 'n Dogz beats to the rhythm of house, and for years they have encouraged other to listen and dance to the same beat Read more about: Catz 'n Dogz

  • Daniel Drumz, photo: Dominik Tarabański

    A remix by Daniel Drumz is an honour for the original artist. Whatever he does, gains a lot of interest. Read more about: Daniel Drumz

  • The Dumplings, press materials

    In September 2013, they published two tracks online which quickly reached nearly 250 000 views – a result that was unheard of on the Polish music scene, especially with virtually no promotion. Read more about: The Dumplings

  • Etam Etamski, photo: thanks to the courtesy of Qulturap

    A young musician and producer specializing in electronics, who has already collaborated with important figures of the Polish alternative scene. Read more about: Etam Etamski

  • Fuka Lata, photo: Monika Landwójtowicz

    For a mere duo, Fuka Lata have much to be listened to. The band is formed by the vocalist and producer LeeDVD and the guitarist Mito Day. Read more about: Fuka Lata

  • INIRE: Małgorzata Dancewicz and Krzysztof Pawlik, photo courtesy of the artists

    The word “inire” describes a ritual passage to an undefined inbetween area and is also the name of Krzysztof Pawlik’s and Małgorzata Dencewicz’s duo. Read more about: Inire

  • Jimek conducting the NOSPR in Katowice during NOSPR / MIUOSH / JIMEK concert in 2015. Photo: Daniel Dmitriew / Forum

    Jimek, real name Radzimir Dębski, is a composer and one of Poland's best known music producers. His popularity exploded when he won Beyoncé’s End of Time Remix Competition in 2012. In 2015 his symphonic orchestration of the most recognized hip-hop songs hit headlines worldwide and earned him the appreciation of many hip-hop legends Read more about: Jimek

  • Kamp, photo: promotional materials

    Young Polish gods of electronic music are incarnated in a trio from Łódź making its way from the stages of Poland to the rest of the world. Read more about: Kamp!

  • Kixnare, Videozone Festival, 2012, photo: Wojciech Nowak

    Łukasz Maszyński, better known as the producer and DJ Kixnare, was born in 1982. Originally from Częstochowa, he presently he lives in Warsaw and is involved with the label U Know Me Records. Read more about: Kixnare

  • Marzena Komsta, photo: CC / Wikimedia

    A composer born on the 7th of February 1970 in Gdynia. Read more about: Marzena Komsta

  • Mikołaj Laskowski, photo: courtesy of the artist

    Mikołaj Laskowski is a composer specializing in chamber instrumental and electronic music, he also writes music for theater and film. Together with a composer Jacek Sotomski he performs on cassette players in a band sultan hagavik and is associated with the KOMPOPOLEX atelier for composers. Read more about: Mikołaj Laskowski

  • Moo Latte, photo: promotional materials

    An extremely versatile artist, Moo Latte composes, plays bass, guitar, percussions, synthesizers, sometimes even sings. He was born in Poland, nowadays he lives and works in Copenhagen. Read more about: Moo Latte

  • Józef Patkowski, Warsaw, September 1970, Warsaw Autumn Festival, photo: Slawek Bieganski / FORUM

    Józef Patkowski was a musicologist, composer and creator of the Experimental Studio of the Polish Radio. He was born on 15th of November 1929, died on 26th of October 2005 in Warsaw. Read more about: Józef Patkowski

  • Rebeka: Iwona Skwarek, Bartosz Szczęsny, photo. press materials

    This electronic duo, which is very active concert-wise, has kept people waiting for its debutant album for long. When 'Hellada' finally appeared it gathered many warm reviews. Read more about: Rebeka

  • Robotobibok, photo: Artur Majewski / promo materials

    Robotobibok may not exist anymore, but the band’s imprint on the Polish music scene – not only the albums they’ve recorded, but also several important bands where former members of Robotobibok perform now – still lives on. Read more about: Robotobibok

  • Rhythm Baboon, photo: press materials

    Szymon Listewnik (born in Gdańsk) is a music producer, DJ and graphic designer. As an artist he uses the pseudonym Rhythm Baboon. His music can be described as a mix of footwork and juke with elements of techno. When he wants to define his interests broadly, he says simply: ‘bass music’. Read more about: Rhythm Baboon

  • Marcin Stańczyk, photo: Aleksandra Chciuk

    Composer and lawyer, Marcin Stańczyk writes instrumental, stage and intermedial music. He is the first, and so far only, Pole to have received the prestigious Toru Takemitsu Award (2013). Read more about: Marcin Stańczyk

  • Skubas, photo: Anna Tomczyńska

    His debut album brought a lot of excitement to the Polish scene. For a long time there hasn’t been a vocalist in Poland that would sing so well and write such convincing lyrics. Read more about: Skubas

  • Sonar Soul, photo source: promotional materials

    DJ and music producer. Real name: Łukasz Stachurko. Born in 1980, he is native to the Warsaw's right bank district of Praga. Read more about: Sonar Soul

  • Sorry Boys, photo: Tomasz Pasternak, courtesy of the arist

    Sorry Boys started out their career by recording ordinary rock songs with female vocals. With time their sound became more nuanced — they introduced more synthesizers and electronics. The music gained both on individuality and catchiness. They were compared to Florence And The Machine, partially thanks to the voice, charisma and scenic outfits of Bela Komoszyńska. Read more about: Sorry Boys

  • Souvenir de Tanger.  In the background – a tapestry depicting a praying nomad and a camel, photo: Katarzyna Łuka

    Souvenir de Tanger is part of the new generation of European artists engaged in creating an imaginary land of the Oriental. Read more about: Souvenir de Tanger

  • Teielte, photo press materials

    Teielte is a one-man musical menagerie devised by Paweł Strzekczyk, a producer from the city of Płock. With his 2010 debut, his music began to attract a varied lot of listeners - from hip-hop fans to admirers of electronica. Read more about: Teielte

  • We Draw A, photo: IAM

    Duo from Wrocław established in the summer of 2012. Piotr Lewandowski was previously the vocalist and guitarist of Indigo Tree, while Radosław Krzyzanowski plays support to Kamp!. Read more about: We Draw A

  • Aleksandra Grünholz, responsible for the We Will Fail project, photo: Olga Ozierańska

    Music journalists say it’s the strongest debut in polish electronic music in years. Maybe not only in electronic music – it was even on top of a record review of 2014. Read more about: We Will Fail