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  • Bassist, educator, composer, producer, publicist; genre: mainstream jazz, theatre music, cinema music, light music. Mariusz Bogdanowicz graduated from the Faculty of Jazz and Light Music at Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice. Read more about: Mariusz Bogdanowicz

  • Krzysztof Bączyk, photo: Leszek Zych / Polityka

    A singer (bass), he received Marta Eggerth and Jan Kiepura Prize at the International Moniuszko Vocal Competition. He can be seen performing in various opera houses across Poland, Germany and Switzerland. A Polityka Passports 2016 nominee. Read more about: Krzysztof Bączyk

  • Sławek Janicki, photo: Richard Johnson

    Bassist; producer, film-maker; producer, owner of the club, Mózg, in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Born 16 May 1967 Lives and works in Poland and in Australia. Read more about: Sławek Janicki

  • Robert Kubiszyn

    Acoustic and electric bass player, double bass player, composer, and producer. Robert Kubiszyn is a session musician and a sideman. He graduated from the faculty of Jazz and the Light Music Academy of Jazz Music in Katowice, Poland, in the performance of double bass music under Professor Jacek Niedziela. Read more about: Robert Kubiszyn

  • Rafał Mazur, photo: Krzysztof Penarski

    Rafal Mazur's involvement with music began in his youth with the cello studies in Krakow. He switched to bass guitar in the late 1980's. Since 2000 he has played an acoustic bass guitar built to his demand. He has developed an advanced and individual approach to his instrument, and to improvisation in general. Read more about: Rafał Mazur

  • Wojtek Mazolewski, photo: Michał Andrysiak

    A bassist and composer, born in 1976 in Gdańsk. He is the founder and leader of Pink Freud and Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet. According to many critics, his musical activity brought the commercial boom of Polish jazz at the beginning of 21st century. Read more about: Wojtek Mazolewski

  • Wojciech Pulcyn, photo: Zofia Zija

    Wojciech Pulcyn graduated from the Faculty of Jazz at Fryderyk Chopin University of Music and from the post-secondary jazz school Policealne Studium Jazzu in Warsaw. He co-operates with the most recognisable Polish musicians like Ewa Bem, Michał Urbaniak, and also with the young Polish jazz scene: guitarist Rafał Sarnecki and pianist Michał Tokaj. Read more about: Wojciech Pulcyn

  • Wojciech Pilichowski, photo. Krzysztof Jakubczyk

    A bass player, a composer, and an educator. Widely known as a session musician – he has performed on over 120 albums. Interestingly, he has also recorded nine solo albums and issued four guitar trainings. Read more about: Wojciech Pilichowski

  • Bass guitarist and composer. He is a graduate of post-secondary school of environment protection and self taught musician. Read more about: Krzysztof Ścierański

  • Double bass player, guitarist, bass guitarist and composer. He is a creator of the term Yass (an alternative movement of Polish jazz which was developed in Trójmiasto). Read more about: Tymon Tymański

  • Piotr Żaczek, photo: Darek Kawka

    Piotr Żaczek is a session musician. He studied jazz at he Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice. While at the academy, in 1995, with a group of fellow students heset up a band under the perverse name Poluzjanci (“the wet-dreamers”). They released three longplays –the last one in 2010– and five singles: with music ranging from jazz, through funk to pop. Read more about: Piotr Żaczek