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Tags: applied design
  • Bro.KAT collective: Roma Skuza ,Małgorzata Staroń & Bogna Polańska, photo: Radosław Kaźmierczak.

    Bro.Kat is a design collective strongly attached to its Silesian roots. The founders of the studio – two qualified architects, aim to create functional design as well as expressing the spirit of Silesia as a frontier region. Read more about: Bro.Kat

  • Cebula/Onion,  DBWT, courtesy of the artist

    The name DBWT stands for the initials of the studio's owners – Daria Burlińska and Wojtek Traczyk. Their logo presents those letters in a thought-bubble and indicates that thinking is the key to their design philosophy. Read more about: DBWT

  • Fawory, photo: Piotr Maciaszek

    Founded in 2010 by two architects, Małgorzata Piotrowska and Monika Niezabitowska, Fawory studio recycles vintage furniture revives the belief in handcraft. Read more about: Fawory

  • Szymon Hanczar, photo by Roland Okon

    Szymon Hanczar (b. 1978) has won scholarships from the mayor of Wrocław and the mayor of his hometown, Częstochowa. His projects for the Hanczar Design Studio include 3D design and interior design. Read more about: Szymon Hanczar

  • Marzena Krupa, photo courtesy of the designer

    Marzena Krupa (b. 1986) studied Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Her designs to date include experimental outdoor furniture for urban settings (such as her “Pic-Nic” table and “Medium” seat), jewellery inspired by traditional wickerwork, and designs for retail and exhibition spaces. Read more about: Marzena Krupa

  • Bogdan Kosak, born in 1966, is a pottery designer and sculptor. In his work, he continues to mix his own creative work with commissions from large producers. Read more about: Bogdan Kosak

  • Katarzyna Cebulak, photo: Mudo Design Studio

    "We do not have time to be mediocre" Read more about: Mudo Design Studio

  • Jan Młodożeniec, 1987, photo: Jan Kryński / Forum

    One of the most prominent members of the Polish School of Posters. Author of more than four hundred posters, book covers, illustrations, and drawings. Recognized for his graphic design and painting talents. Read more about: Jan Młodożeniec

  • OdRzeczy design group , Bąble (Bubbles) kitchen accessories, photo courtesy OdRzeczy design group

    The OdRzeczy collective is mostly associated with furniture sets and accessories for children and youth. Its members are Wojciech Drab, Magdalena Guzik-Drab, and Jakub Zychowicz. Read more about: OdRzeczy

  • Arek Wolski and his work with the God of Honour Fatherland, mirror, 2011, photo: courtesy of designer

    Warsaw-based designer and jeweller. He creates items of jewellery from gold, silver and brass; he also uses volcanic lava, sea glass and recycled materials. Read more about: Arek Wolski