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Tags: 21st century polish jazz
  • Jazzpospolita, photo: Maciej Głowiński

    In Jazzpospolita’s music there is a clash between rock and jazz, power and lyricism. The band's melodic, clear songs were complemented by their energy at concerts even at the start of their career. Improvisation and, with time, more and more melancholy, burst into the orderly structures of their music. Read more about: Jazzpospolita

  • Raphael Rogiński, photo:

    A Warsaw-based music label founded in 2004 by a community of musicians. Publishes artists including Mitch & Mitch, Paula i Karol and jazz pianist-bandleader Marcin Masecki. Read more about: Lado ABC

  • Marcin Masecki, photo Jan Bebel.

    Pianist, composer and producer whose style oscillates between jazz, classical and experimental music. Read more about: Marcin Masecki

  • Leszek Możdżer, photo: Kamil Gozdan

    Pianist, composer and arranger; he is one of the most famous jazz musicians in Poland. Read more about: Leszek Możdżer

  • Marcin Wasilewski Trio, photo: © Tomasz Sikora / ECM Records

    The trio is one of the brightest stars of the Polish jazz scene, recognised for their unique talent in blending tradition with contemporary sound. Read more about: Marcin Wasilewski Trio

  • Mikrokolektyw, photo. Filip Zawada (myspace)

    Mikrokolektyw is a duet that continues to explore the boundaries of jazz, post-jazz and free improvisation. The band composed of Artur Majewski and Kuba Suchar demonstrates an advanced understanding of contemporary music, blending electronics with acoustic instruments as well as elements of classical jazz with the most far-out improvisation. Read more about: Mikrokolektyw

  • Maciej Obara, photo: Piotr Dłubak

    Polish saxophonist and composer Maciej Obara burst onto the international jazz scene. In 2008 he toured Poland with US saxophonist Antoine Roney and was also recommended by Manfred Eicher (ECM) to Tomasz Stanko, which resulted in their fruitful collaboration. Read more about: Maciej Obara

  • Włodzimierz Pawlik photo: Mirosław Janus

    A versatile pianist, composer of jazz, film and theatre music as well as the leader of the Włodek Pawlik Trio – a band known for its celebrated jazz-rock albums and cooperation with musicians such as Randy Brecker, Billy Hart and Richie Cole. He is a winner of the 2014 Grammy Award for the Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album. Read more about: Włodek Pawlik

  • Pink Freud, press materials

    The music of Pink Freud can’t be described with a single word or easily pigeonholed. What is certain, however, is that it is a quartet driven by its charismatic leader Wojtek Mazolewski, and that it is widely regarded as Poland's most energetic improvised music band. Read more about: Pink Freud

  • Tomasz Stańko, photo: Marek Dusza

    Jazz trumpeter and composer, one of Europe's most original jazz musicians. His strengths include his distinct tone and a certain Slavic melancholy. Read more about: Tomasz Stańko

  • Dominik Wania, photo: Dominik Wania

    In June 2013 Dominik Wania released a debut album of his piano trio entitled „Ravel” (Maurice Ravel’s „Miroirs” arranged for jazz trio). Read more about: Dominik Wania

  • Hubert Zemler. Source: Myspace

    The Polish percussionist takes his inspiration from jazz, improvisation and other contemporary music forms. Zemler fuses these models to create a sound comparable to avant-garde American jazz of the 1960s, and he promotes Krzysztof Komeda's music for today's audiences. Read more about: Hubert Zemler