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  • Jerzy Zoń, photo: Beata Frysztacka / Teatr KTO

    As the co-founder and leader of Teatr KTO, he has authored numerous visually vibrant open-air performances. Read more about: Jerzy Zoń

  • August Zamoyski, Ich dwoje (The Couple), 1918-1922, cast, 32 x 19 x 23 cm, in the collection of the Museum of Art in w Łódź, photo: courtesy of the Museum of Art in w Łódź

    Sculptor, born in 1893 in Jabłoń,Lublin Viovodeship, died in 1970 in Saint-Clar-de-Rivière in France. Read more about: August Zamoyski

  • Composer and singer; contemporary music occupies a special place in her repertoire. Together with Cezary Duchnowski, she forms the ElettroVoce Duo. Read more about: Agata Zubel

  • Jorge Zalszupin, photo: courtesy of the designer

    Jorge Zalszupin’s furniture is a mixture of the highest quality materials and simplicity of form. Marble blocks co-exist with first-class wood in his pieces. With aesthetic minimalism, the designer incorporates an element of sensuality, seducing users with the soft, bold lines of his seats and tables. Read more about: Jorge Zalszupin

  • Zuo Corp. Photo: Agata Wrońska

    ZUO Corp. was founded by Bartek Michalec, a stylist with his colleague Dagmara Rosa. ZUO – because ‘Zło’ (Evil) is what Dagmara often called her wayward dog. Corp – from body or corporation. The duo was soon joined by Łukasz Laskowski. Read more about: ZUO Corp.

  • Hubert Zemler. Source: Myspace

    The Polish percussionist takes his inspiration from jazz, improvisation and other contemporary music forms. Zemler fuses these models to create a sound comparable to avant-garde American jazz of the 1960s, and he promotes Krzysztof Komeda's music for today's audiences. Read more about: Hubert Zemler

  • Janusz Zaorski, photo: Wojciech Druszcz / Agencja Gazeta

    Polish director and actor, born on September 19th 1947 in Warsaw. Read more about: Janusz Zaorski

  • Janusz Zygadlewicz, camera design, 1960s, photo: private collection

    His design traced a transformation in the style of the times, dictated by technological progress and shifting aesthetic tastes. His projects were both functional and intriguing in form. Read more about: Janusz Zygadlewicz - Sense of Industry

  • Marta Zgierska, photo courtesy the artist

    Visual artist from Lublin. Her works touch upon the issues of withdrawal and trauma. Read more about: Marta Zgierska

  • Człowiek-magnes / Human Magnet. Photograph, 100X70 cm, 2011. Source: Leto Gallery

    Honza Zamojski presents a sharply astute commentary on contemporary culture, spannning the genres of painting, photography, sculpture, collage, video, and art-book publishing. Read more about: Honza Zamojski

  • His furniture and other projects remind of inflated, shining balloons. As a matter of fact Polish architect and designer (born in 1975) is an author of one of the most modern technology of steel treatment that has many applications in various industrial fields. Read more about: Oskar Zięta

  • Filip Zagórski, photo: courtesy of the artist

    Known for his comic drawings with funny psychological-social messages, Filip Zagórski now focuses on print designs, visual identifications and public space installations. Read more about: Filip Zagórski

  • Lilianna Zalesińska, photo by Sebastian Grzywa

    Mezzosopranist, song interpreter, a frequent contemporary music and opera performer. Read more about: Lilianna Zalesińska

  • Bohdan Zadura, photo: Elżbieta Lempp.

    Contributes regularly to the monthlies "Tworczosc" and "Literatura na Swiecie" and has published in most Polish literary and cultural journals. Read more about: Bohdan Zadura

  • Zawirowania Dance Theate, credit: Marta Ankiersztejn

    They dance Chopin and Piazzolla, flamenco and Tom Waits. Zawirowani” (Swirls) consist of 10 performances, four dance personalities and a distinctive style, which has become recognized in the last decade at the most important international festivals – from Minsk and Madrid to Israel and South Korea. Read more about: Zawirowania Dance Theatre

  • Rafał Zapała in the space of Sensorium installation in clock tower in Poznań, photo: promo materials

    Rafał Zapała is a composer, pianist, drummer, and live electronics musician. He is assistant professor at the Composition Department, and member of the Electroacoustic Music Studio at the Academy of Music in Poznań. Read more about: Rafał Zapała

  • Zbigniew Zapasiewicz in Janusz Zaorski's Baryton, fot. Renata Pajchel / Filmoteka Narodowa

    Actor and director, reviewers always noted the self-restraint of his acting, as well as his artistic skills, ability to freshly analyse texts and the way he applied this analysis in role construction. Read more about: Zbigniew Zapasiewicz

  • Kuba Ziołek, photo from the private archive of the artist

    Kuba Ziołek is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. He is the leader of numerous bands: Stara Rzeka, Ed Wood, Alameda Trio, Hokei, T’ien Lai, Innercity Ensemble and Kapital. Read more about: Kuba Ziołek

  • Marta Ziółek, photo by Michał Dyjuk/Forum

    A talented choreographer and performer combining dance with painting, fashion, visual arts, and 90s music videos. She has performed on stages in Poland and abroad, for instance in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and United States. Read more about: Marta Ziółek

  • Rudolf Zioło was born in 1952 in Olesnica Slaska. After he graduated with a degree in Polish philology from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, he studied at the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography in the Directing and Drama Department from 1977-1982. Read more about: Rudolf Zioło

  • Bronisław Zelek, photo: Marian Misiak

    Born in 1935, Bronisław Zelek is a graphic designer, poster artist and author of acclaimed typefaces. His very characteristic way of implementing stills and ascetic colours and his perfect blending of images and typography have made him widely recognised as the no. 1 specialist of portraying horror films in posters. Read more about: Bronisław Zelek

  • Zupagrafika, Martyna Sobecka and David Navarro, photo: courtesy of the artists

    Zupagrafika is a Spanish-Polish graphic studio based in Poznań. Their portfolio encompasses visual identities, exhibition space designs, as well as urban installations. However, their most famous work has to be a series of paper cut-outs based on modernist architecture and iconic works of Polish design. Read more about: Zupagrafika

  • Adam Zagajewski at the International Book Fair, Warsaw, May 2010; photo: Marek Dusza

    Poet, novelist, essayist, laureate of many prestigious literary awards. Translations of his works have been published all over the world. Read more about: Adam Zagajewski

  • Musician, improviser, composer, sound artist, and illustrator (born in 1974 in Warsaw). He currently plays violin, oscillators and electric mbira as a half of the duet SzaZa, alters the melodies of old music boxes, and co-creates two unique projects of his own conception: Gabinet Ucha Wewnętrznego / The Inner Ear Massage Parlour and Kino Dźwięku / Sound Cinema. Read more about: Patryk Zakrocki

  • Wacław Zalewski, photo: press materials

    Distinguished Polish constructor. Born 25 August 1917 in Samhorodok (Ukraine), died 29 December 2016 in Boston, USA. He is responsible for several iconic buildings, such as Spodek in Katowice, or Torwar hall in Warsaw, as well as now, unfortunately non-existent Supersam in Warsaw and train station in Katowice. Read more about: Wacław Zalewski

  • Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz, photo: press release

    A visual artist and film director; her films are based on her observations on the absurdities of daily life. Read more about: Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz

  • Piotr Żaczek, photo: Darek Kawka

    Piotr Żaczek is a session musician. He studied jazz at he Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice. While at the academy, in 1995, with a group of fellow students heset up a band under the perverse name Poluzjanci (“the wet-dreamers”). They released three longplays –the last one in 2010– and five singles: with music ranging from jazz, through funk to pop. Read more about: Piotr Żaczek

  • Krystian Zimerman, photo: Anna Kaczmarz/Dziennik Polski/Reporter/East News

    As a pianist, he generally avoids the limelight, limits the number of live performances he gives, records relatively infrequently. Read more about: Krystian Zimerman

  • "His works extend between a painter’s gesture and lines drawn with a T-square." Read more about: Jacek Ziemiński

  • Krzysztof Zanussi, Photo: Wojciech Olszanka / East News

    A film, theatre and opera director; his films cannot be considered along any defined track or trend in Polish or international filmmaking. As a director, he is not subject to others' tastes or styles. Read more about: Krzysztof Zanussi