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The KDMS, photo courtesy of the artists
The KDMS, photo courtesy of the artists

UK vocalist Kathy Diamond and Polish producer Max Skiba have fused electronica, disco funk and Soul and spiked it with a hearty dose of House to create one of Europe's most invigorating neo-disco duos.

Club music producers have a tendency to release albums that are more or less a selection of their best songs. Yet The KDMS’ first longplay – Kinky Dramas And Magic Stories (2012) – forms a complete idea and a coherent whole. The compositions are varied and the listeners may be surprised by the diversity of rhythms, atmospheres and styles they have to offer. The duo presented the album at the Juicy Beats Festival in Dortmund and have continued to build a solid following across Europe and beyond. 

Their debut record features songs that seem as if they were pulled out straight form a New York disco of the 1980s. If not for a few production tricks one wouldn’t recognize that these tunes were actually created in the 21st century. Stephane Girard of has called their sound

the kind of non-ironic, let's-slap-that-bass-like-there-is-no-tomorrow disco that isn't 'nu' or 'old', just slightly dated and timeless at the same time. 

Some funky melodies have been added to several of the slower balads, nostalgic of early Prince than like Donna Summer, such as in Wonderman. Other times the duo creates instrumental house, as with Your Love is Right, or they turn towards the dirty, digital sound of nu disco in Part Time Lovers. The KDMS know no boundaries when it comes to mixing club music genres. Their approach to disco draws upon the best traditions of the NYC scene - energetic, spontaneous and rich in sound, it makes you want to dance, but it also makes you want to listen carefully.

"Yes, sir, they can boogie", wrote The Guardian in the daily section The New. Band of the Day, where The KDMS figured as the main treat. Their stature was amplified when Snoop Dogg chose their song for his DJ mix TEKKNO EURO MIX

Their first single Never Stop Believing was released in 2009 on a 12 inch analogue disc. It instantly became a success, featured in a remix by Nicky Siano, the legendary New York DJ and Studio 54 resident. He was one of the first to acknowledge the potentials of such artists as Grace Jones or Frankie Knuckles. Could anyone have imagined a better start? The KDMS went collaborated with other acclaimed musical talents on their next releases.  The 12'' disc Tonight contained renditions of the band’s songs prepared by Morgan Geist, a well-known producer from New Jersey. Alexis Taylor from the synth pop band Hot Chip contributed to the single, which promoted Kinky Dramas And Magic Stories. Needless to say, the interest driven by the DJ remix scene contributed a great deal to the band's growing success. The remixed numbers dfited from club to club, from one city to another, from country to country, continent to continent. The influence of the Internet also played a part of winning over an international audience.

One of the key elements that created such an infectious sound is Skiba’s great production talent. The band has also been recognised for its catchy tunes and skillful use of live instruments, a novelty for most contemporary dance music. Last but not least, one ought to point to Katy Diamonds’ electrifying, enchanting voice. All of this is topped by the group’s vibrant live performances. 

"What next? I have no expectations. The joy of making music is what matters to me the most", admits Maximilian Skiba in a conversation with Marcin Flint prior to the premiere of the debutant album, adding,

There is no greater compliment than my own pride in the album I have  recorded. Popularity wasn’t something I wanted, although I’m always happy to be recommended by somebody famous or to be noticed by an influential magazine. I really don’t want to forget about music in all of this. I’m pretty sure that my music is valuable on its own. 

THE KDMS!'s is managed by international DJ Artur 8. Born Artur Koryciński in Warsaw and raised in Berlin, Artur 8 is an avid record collector, music promoter and one of the most respected DJs in Europe. 


  • Never Stop Believing (12'', Gomma), 2009
  • High Wire (MP3, Gomma), 2010
  • Tonight (Morgan Geist / Felix Martin Remixes) ‎ (12", Gomma), 2011
  • Wonderman (12'', Gomma), 2012
  • Kinky Dramas And Magic Stories‎ (CD, Gomma), 2012

For more on the band, see: Contaact: [email protected]. Management: [email protected]

Author: Filip Lech, April 2013. Translated by Marek Kępa


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