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Michał Lorenc

Michał Lorenc in Iluzjon (one of Warsaw Cinemas), photo by Michał Dyjuk / East News
Michał Lorenc in Iluzjon (one of Warsaw Cinemas), photo by Michał Dyjuk / REPORTER / East News

Composer of film scores, born 1955. A self-taught musician, he composed original scores to many Polish and foreign films. His music was awarded at festivals in Poland and abroad; his music to Blood and Wine by Bob Rafaelson was selected by 20th Century Fox for Oscar nomination.

Michał Lorenc received awards for his film scores at the Festival of Polish Feature Films in Gdynia three times (Dogs, 1992, Bandit 1995, Provocator 1997); special prize at the Camerimage Festival in Toruń (1998) and Grand Prix at the Film Music Festival in Bonn (1999) for music composed to Nothing, nominated in 1989 in Berlin for Felix for film music to 300 Miles to Heaven.

Michał Lorenc wrote music to the following films:

  • 300 Miles to Heaven by M. Dejczer
  • 30 Door Keys by J. Skolimowski
  • Kroll by W. Pasikowski
  • Dogs by W. Pasikowski
  • Blood and Wine by Bob Rafelson
  • Deborah by R. Brylski
  • Provocator by K. Lange
  • Bandit by M. Dejczer
  • Nothing by D. Kędzierzawska
  • Far From The Window by J. J. Kolski
"Film is the only inspiration and ultimate goal for me. I do not compose any other music. It turned out that my gift for composing is limited to the cinema. I don't know what kind of feelings I should evoke in audiences in concert halls." (Michał Lorenc)

"You don't compose music for a film but for SOMEBODY. The same film, if made by a different man, would have a completely different music." (Michal Lorenc)'s picture
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Michał Lorenc


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Michał Lorenc


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