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Adam Bałdych

Adam Bałdych, fot. Bartosz Maz
Adam Bałdych, photo: Bartosz Maz

Adam Bałdych was born on May 18th, 1986, in Gorzów Wielkopolski. He started his musical education at the age of nine, studying violin under Professor Grażyna Wasilewska. Under her direction, he won numerous awards in classical music competitions.

At the age of 13, Adam decided to develop his own musical style and began to devote his time to jazz music. He founded his first band 1999 with Tomasz Zyrmont and Przemysław Szulc, and over the next two years he also worked with Michał Wróblewski. But the turning point came in 2001 when, during jazz workshops in Chodzież, Adam founded the band Up to Date together with Rafał Stępień, Jakub Cywiński, Bartłomiej Rojek and Waldemar Ruda.

The band started to win competitions. At the same time Adam, under the direction of Bogusław Dziekański, manager of the jazz club Pod Filarami (Gorzów Wielkopolski), began performing in the club along with jazz greats like Bilie Cobham, Rene van Helsdingen and Luluk Purwanto.

After a 2003 concert with guitarist Marek Raduli in the Muzyczna Owczarnia club, Adam was invited to join a handful of outstanding musicians in creating a super-group, Squad. The same year, the new band's CD was released along with an issue of music magazine Estrada & Studio. Adam recorded Live in Yavorkee with this group, which was released in 2007.

The next turning point in the young musician's life came when he was invited to cooperate with one of Poland's most creative Polish bass players, Piotr Żaczek. Together they recorded Mutru, which premiered at the JVC Jazz Festival in Warsaw's Congress Hall. This concert was considered to be Adam's debut performance, and it brought him to the attention of a number of music critics.

Along with his regular collaboration with the bands Up to Date, Mutru and Squad, Adam is frequently invited to perform with other groups of musicians. He has been able to express his passion for varied musical styles through performances with, among others, the Didier Labbe Quartet, the Eldad Tarmu Quartet (Poland tour in 2003, Serbia and Hungary in 2004), Nigel Kennedy, Luluk Purwanto (touring Indonesia and Poland), Monty Waters (Gorzów), Brad Terry, Marek Raduli, Wojtek Pilichowski, Zbigniew Lewandowski, Janusz Muniak, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Zbigniew Jakubek and Grzegorz Piotrowski.

In 2006 Adam mounted a project called Storyboard, the fruit of his creative work as part of a jazz group at the Academy of Music in Katowice. He invited Nikola Kołodziejczyk, Maciej Szczyciński, the string quartet 4Soul and a special guest, Armenian accordionist David Yengibarjan, to play there.

A powerful blend of jazz and rock full of acoustics that border on silence, new colours, a more mature musical style, youthful energy and impressive names – this is how one could describe Adam's newest band, Damage Control. The band is composed of Cezary Konrad on percussion, Piotr Żaczek on bass and Paweł Tomaszewski on keyboard.


  • Up To Date (Rafał Stępień, Jakub Cywiński, Bartłomiej Rojek, Waldemar Ruda
  • Squad
  • Mutru (with Piotr Żaczek - bass)
  • Damage Control (Cezary Konrad - percussion, Piotr Żaczek - bass, Paweł Tomaszewski - keyboard)

Selected discography:

  • Hotel Nadmorski - Up to Date (2002)
  • Singiel - Squad (2003)
  • Imagination - Up to Date (2005)
  • Mutru - Piotr Żaczek (2006)
  • Moje Miasto - Adam Bałdych (2007) 
  • Live in Yavrkee - Squad (2007)
  • Electric-Eclectic – Gitana (2007)
  • Tu i Teraz – Kreszendo (2008)
  • Live in Yavorkee (Squad) (2009)
  • Damage Control (Damage Control) (2009)
  • Storyboard – Adam Bałdych (2009)
  • Balboo (Piotr Żaczek) (2009)
  • A Tribute to Seifert (Jarosław Śmietana) (2009)
  • Inna (Ania Szarmach) (2010)
  • Are you a wizard sir? (Silberman Quintet) (2010)
  • Imaginary Room (Adam Baldych & The Baltic Gang (ACT MUSIC)) (2012)
  • My history of jazz (Iiro Rantala (ACT MUSIC)) (2012)


2001 – Jazz Juniors (Kraków), 2. place for the band and prize for The Best Instrumentalist.
2002 – Klucz do Kariery (Gorzów) on Pomorska Jesień Jazzowa
2004 – Rock Festiwal (Gorzów) Prize for Best Instrumentalist
2005 – Krokus Jazz Festiwal individual Prize
2006 – Jazz nad Odrą Grand Prix 
2013 – Jazz Forum Jazz Top (Best Violin Player)
2013 - Echo Jazz German Music Industry Award – Best Instrumentalist

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