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Dark Electronics and Highlander Reggae

Filip Lech
Twinkle Brothers i Trebunie Tutki, fot. materiały promocyjne
Twinkle Brothers  and The Trebunie Tutki, photo:  promotional material

The song Do not Betray Me by Twinkle Brothers and the Trebunie-Tutki Family Band appears in Lustmord’s recent podcast, Secret Thirteen. 

Władysław Trebunia-Tutki was born in 1942 to a family of musicians in the village of Biały Dunajec, near Zakopane, Poland. Although many members of the extended family play music, the core musicians are currently Władysław Trebunia-Tutki (violin & vocals), his son Krzysztof (violin & vocals) and daughter Anna (bass & vocals). Trebunie-Tutki is the first Polish group that has been repeatedly present on the World Music Charts Europe created by the European Broadcasting Union. 

Around the same time, brothers Grant - Norman and Ralson - were born in the Jamaican town of Falmouth. In the 70s, they founded one of the most important bands in the history of reggae - Twinkle Brothers. And Lustmord, who brings the two bands together in podcacst for Secret Thirteen, is a sound designer himself, born Brian Williams in the U.K in 1959. His music is described as being among the darkest of the ambient genre. 

What brings them together?

Trebunie-Tutki met with Twinkle Brothers in the early 90s. It was the Polish Radio's journalist Włodzimierz Kleszcz, a keen propagator of World Music, who came up with the idea of linking the highlander music culture with reggae. 

Polish listeners in the 90s were not yet quite prepared for such an experiment; there were very strange impressions along with a lot of positive reviews. Subsequent years have shown that artistically, it was an interesting idea and has inspired many other artists to experiment with music, openness and thinking in a broader way - said Krzysztof Trebunia – Tutki in an interview with Kaśka Paluch, nearly 20 years after the ground-breaking Polish folk album.

The collaborative album Higher Heights was published in 1993 and very warmly welcomed by fans of folk music around the world, especially in the U.K. The album was recorded in London, where the Twinkle Brothers continue to live and work today.



It is possible that Brian Williams may have heard of this collaboration during the 90s. Williams was already gaining popularity by then with his albums released under the name Lustmord. Critics define his music as dark ambient, or a combination of ambient music with influences of noise and industrial music - the music was loud but sedate, reminiscent of the soundtrack to horror films. Lustmord is the name behind the music for many blockbuster films including Underworld and The Crow as well as video games such as Planescape:Torment, and Assassin's Creed.

It is also possible that someone might have told Lustmord about the collaboration between Trebunie-Tutki and Twinkle Brothers during his performance in Krakow. This was an event on a global scale – until then, Williams had never presented his music live. The first of his live performances was on June 6, 2006 ( 6-6-06 ) at a ceremony organized by the Church of Satan (an American religious group founded by Anton Szandor LaVey in 1966). In 2010, Lustmord’s next live appearance took place at the Unsound Festival in Kraków. Williams returned to Kraków two years later to play once again at the Unsound Festival in 2012.



On the occasion of his 55th birthday, Lustmord releases the 76-minute long podcast for Secret Thirteen, which includes a 1993 recording of Do not Betray Me by the Twinkle Brothers & The Family Band Trebunia for lovers of unique world music. 


Edited by E.M. 21.01.2014

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